AIDA 1 Freediver in Sharm el Sheikh

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The very first step into Freediving

This course is the perfect introduction to what freediving is. During this day, you will get in touch with a bit of theory about diving and respiratory physiology. Then we'll do some specific breathing and relaxation exercises in order for you to perform your first breatholds in a zen and easy way (on dry land) . The results are always impressive and everybody gets overwhelmed by their own abilities. It's really great to realise how long one can hold his/her breath when doing it the right way.

After that, we'll have a light lunch break (always better to be empty stomach once diving) and we'll just pass through the important theory about equalisation then we'll go in the water for some dives at a maximum depth of around 10m. You will never be pushed, just positively empowered and closely guided in this new experience of yours.

This course does not feature an exam nor ask for specific achievements. Of course, you must be able to swim easily and feel comfortable with mask and snorkel.

AIDA level 1 is the very best way to discover freediving when you only have one day to dedicate.

​AIDA courses are the way to go, don't wait any further and book your course now.

What does this course includes?

This course includes a digital theory support and AIDA international certification fees.

What is not included in this course?

It does not include the rental of freedive equipment, nor insurances fees.

DURATION OF THE COURSE: 1 full day or 2 half days

PRICE: 90 usd

INSTRUCTOR / STUDENTS RATIO: 3 students maximum (for bigger groups, please contact Kosho)

LOCATION: Sharm el Sheikh


Insurances (DAN) - 10 usd per day

Rental of Equipment (if available) - 20 usd per day

Sprache die der Instruktor spricht:
Chinesisch (Cantonesisch)
Chinesisch (Mandarin)
Indonesisch (Indonesisch Malaysisch)
Duration of the course in days: 1.0
Total number of hours of course: 6.0
Level of the freeding course offered: Initiation (short course)
Specific freediving course offered: AIDA 1
Private course: No
Appropriate age group(s) of the student(s):
6 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 77+
Possibility to be insured by a freediving accident coverage (cf. menu): Yes
Additional cost per student for freediving insurance (if applicable): 10
My instructor will take pictures and videos of my dives: Yes
Level of the instructor: Instructor
Years of experience teaching (20 = 20 or more): 3.0
Number of certified students (250 = 250 or more): 30
Particularly experienced at solving equalisation issues: Yes
The instructor has experience as a competition freediver: Yes
The instructor has experience as a coach in competition: Yes
Instructor's personal best in Static Apnea (STA) | 2.50 = 2'50'': 5.46
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight (CWT): 84
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB): 84
Instructor's personal best in Free Immersion (FIM): 84
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Without Fins : 61
Safety standards guarantee: Instructor ID / First Aid, CPR & O2 certificate / legal liability insurance uploaded as the last listing image(s)
Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website (if applicable):
*for instructors only: I am looking for instructor dive buddies: No
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