Ocean Bluex Freediving

Join us in Ocean Bluex, our premiere freedive training center based in Tagum, Davao Philippines.
We will help connect you with the ocean to guide you into discovering your Mammalian Dive Reflex: a gene trigger that we have shared with all marine mammals since our origins. You will marvel at the possibilities your own body can achieve with the proper training and education. Freediving is a way to connect with yourself and with nature, this way of life will lead you to physical and mental well-being. Come and discover freediving or improve your technique with us. We invite you to change your perception of nature through aquatic sensory experiences we provide.
We are affiliated with the Molchanovs Education System created by Alexey Molchanov in tribute to his mother, Natalia Molchanova. She was the first woman to reach 100m in 2009.
The Molchanovs Education was created by freedivers for freedivers. We offer a wide range of training programs from basic courses to freediving instructor level course. We can also provide you with our professional freediving expertise to help you live exceptional moments in the heart of nature with our eco-responsible structure.

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