Hi everyone!

My name is Arnaud, I became a freediving instructor in November 2017 with Apnea Total in Koh Tao, then crossed over to AIDA a year later.

In early 2020, I co-founded with a friend and colleague a conservation and freediving center based in Panglao Island, Philippines: Conservation Freedivers. Aside from sharing the passion of freediving, we created the center in order to finance the environmental organization Apnea Green, of which we are administrators. We also started with a similar objective the present marketplace, together with Elaina.

At the time I write this profile (June 2020), I have certified 62 students and have had around 100 in training.

I'm currently living in Panglao, Philippines, and will soon go to Malta following the COVID-19 situation, where I plan to stay for a year or two until things go back to normal in Asia. You can browse the homepage of Conservation Freedivers to find out more about me and read some reviews left by my past students.

PS I seem to suffer from Chandler Bing Syndrome, whereby I cannot take a photo without making an incredibly awkward face. If there's a talented photographer among you who thinks he/she could solve that for me, I'd gladly trade a couple of coaching sessions after the course against your services. The picture I uploaded for this profile was taken during a freediving competition of static apnea that I attended as a coach. It displays my best attempt at avoiding the camera while trying hard not to look too annoyed at the photographer.

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