Information about My Freediving Instructor



My Freediving Instructor helps make freediving courses worldwide affordable, enjoyable, and safe. We verify professional profiles and listings, maintain a reliable messaging system so instructors and students can communicate easily, and operate a trusted platform to collect and transfer payments through PayPal.
Your safety as a student is our priority. On our platform, you will only find instructors who are certified by the most trusted freediving agencies. Our solution is built with safety at its core: before publishing any course listing, instructors have to provide us with all required professional documentation such as their instructor ID, a recent First Aid, CPR, and O2 provider certification, and professional liability insurance. An additional system is put in place to make sure all instructors are to renew any of these documents in a timely manner (cf. "How it works"). We also facilitate access to freediving insurance for students, in case you'd like to be covered for a bad allergic reaction to jellyfish, or anything else that might happen during the course. 



Through our platform, you can form a clear idea of who your future instructor will be before even meeting them. And it's easy too! Are you looking for an experienced instructor who can speak your own language? Someone particularly skilled at solving your equalization issue? An experienced competitive freediver who’d be particularly good at your discipline of choice? Just browse through the filters, the search box, or the map on the homepage, and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 


A community built on environmental and social impact

My Freediving Instructor was developed earlier in 2020 by freediving instructors and administrators of Apnea Green, an environmental organization that acts to protect marine resources and to help local communities in the Philippines. 
Aside from sharing the passion of freediving and enabling instructors to live off their work more easily following the COVID-19 situation, the objective of the platform at hand is to finance Apnea Green’s operations. When a transaction is made through our marketplace, 5% of the price goes to our organization.  
When you book or market a course through our platform, you are helping fund safety training for spearfishers, environmental awareness activities and swimming courses for kids, and coral monitoring surveys through citizen-science in the Philippines. 

For a detailed overview of how we'll use that money, please refer to the first part of our Terms of use.

The success of My Freediving Instructor depends on you!

We have designed this platform to be a clear win-win for all parties involved. It enables freediving instructors to reach a public of thousands of students, and students to benefit from a wide offer of freediving courses, exclusively given by professionals that they get to know and choose in advance.
We have also decided to go for a low commission (5%), with the intent to create as much value as possible for everyone. Such a cost structure though is only tenable over time if our operations scale up. At the moment the platform runs at a loss, and its monthly costs in terms of software and hosting services are paid for by its founders, with the objective of making it a self-funded operation in the short run, and to help finance our organization over time. 
If you want to help our initiative succeed and continue to use My Freediving Instructor in the long term, please don’t hesitate to invite your friends and colleagues to join us!