AIDA 4 Master Freediver Course in Dahab, Egypt

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Advanced Level Freediving Course in Dahab, Egypt

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Learn with Stefan Randig, 16x German National Record Holder in freediving and currently ranked within the international top 10 in the depth disciplines. Stefan has taught and certified hundreds of Instructor Candidates so you are guaranteed to receive a freediving course that conveys first hand experience and knowledge!

Take your Freediving to the next level with this course! Learn techniques that will open up a new world of diving!


The AIDA 4 freediving course specializes in techniques of deep diving such as advanced equalization, simulation of depth in training, structure of training cycles, fine tuning and more. Supervision of other freedivers as well as assisting AIDA Instructors is also part of the course. Furthermore in depth theory and dry practice will give you a detailed understanding of advanced concepts in freediving.


Dahab offers prime conditions for Freediving all year round and next to a relaxing environment for learning the Red Sea also is a favorite playground for top Freedivers from around the world.

Who can join?

To sign up for the AIDA 4 Course these are the prerequisites:
- be at least 16 years old
- be in good health and complete the AIDA Medical Statement
- have completed the AIDA 3 freediving course or equivalent
- have completed a First Aid course within the last 2 years
- be comfortable freediving at least 30m in CWT / FIM

About Stefan

If you want to learn more about Stefan before booking this course, you can listen to this episode of the Freedive Café to which he was invited.

Language spoken by the instructor:
Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Indonesian (Indonesian Malay)
Duration of the course in days: 4.0
Total number of hours of course: 25.0
Level of the freeding course offered: Master level
Specific freediving course offered: AIDA 4
Private course: No
100% Online: No
Appropriate age group(s) of the student(s):
6 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 77+
Possibility to be insured by a freediving accident coverage (cf. menu): Yes
My instructor will take pictures and videos of my dives: Yes
Level of the instructor: Instructor Trainer
Years of experience teaching (20 = 20 or more): 20.0
Number of certified students (250 = 250 or more): 250
Particularly experienced at solving equalisation issues: Yes
The instructor has experience as a competition freediver: Yes
The instructor has experience as a coach in competition: Yes
Elite Freediver: the instructor is within 75% of the current world record at any discipline: Yes
Instructor's personal best in Static Apnea (STA) | 2.50 = 2'50'': 8.1
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic With Fins (DYN): 216.0
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB): 150
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic No Fins (DNF): 163
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight (CWT): 104
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB): 95
Instructor's personal best in Free Immersion (FIM): 96
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Without Fins : 75
Safety standards guarantee: Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website
Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website (if applicable):
Direct link to the established freediving center (if applicable):
*for instructors only: I am looking for instructor dive buddies: No
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