Apnea Total Level 1 Freediving Course in Brucoli, Sicily (1 on 1)

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The Freediver Course is designed for those with little or no experience in the ocean and for those who have never experienced formal education in freediving although they have some underwater experience.

This course will enable you to feel safe and comfortable when freediving to depths of up to 20 meters, and to improve what you already can do.
Although this might sound difficult to achieve in a few days, you will be surprised to discover your underwater potential.
The unique breathing techniques, together with the effective structure of the course program organized in Theory Lessons and Open Water Sessions creates a fun educative environment and a successful freediving experience.

The Freediver Course runs for 2 days and is divided into 2 Theory lessons and 2 Water Sessions.
During the Theory lesson, we will interact using videos, answering questions, and practicing different exercises which help to improve confidence, knowledge, and techniques prior to the afternoon’s water session.
During the water sessions, we have a normal ratio of 2 students to 1 Instructor, with an absolute maximum of 3 to 1; allowing for greater personalized attention. I will be with you at all times while underwater regardless of depth, thus increasing your confidence and safety.
The only requirement to get certified as a Freediver is to perform a rescue exercise from a depth of 6 meters during the second day.

Upon completion of the Freediver Course, you will receive a certification as well as private online access to the Freediver Course materials, so that you can maintain your freediving knowledge.

This course will be private, no other student will be present. If you do wish to bring along one or two friends, a discount of € 25 will be given to any additional student.

• Must be able to independently swim 200 m with or without fins.
• Minimum age: 15 years

Junior Freedivers are persons aged 11 to 14 years inclusive, for which there is a depth limit of 12 meters.
• Must be able to independently swim 200 m with or without fins.
• Minimum age: 11 years

Bring with you water, you need to keep hydrated.
Wear a swimsuit, we are going in the water.
Bring a towel, to use after the water session.

Try to avoid alcohol the night before and coffee in the morning. Have a light breakfast easy to digest.

Included in the listed price:
Educational material (sent after the course), freediving equipment, Apnea Total certification.

Every student is required to fill in the Apnea Total medical statement and the liability form before any course. They will be given to you in paper form at the beginning of the course.

The Freediver Course structure is as follows:

Day 1
Theory 2 hours
• Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines
• Familiarisation with equipment
• Duck-dives – Effective underwater entry technique
• Kicking technique
• Equalisation techniques
• Breathing techniques
• Recovery breathing
• Hydration and diet

Water Session 2 hours
• Preparation of equipment
• Practice of efficient breathing technique in the water
• Practice of duck-dives and kicking technique
• Practice and correction of body positioning
• Buoyancy test
• Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 12 m.
• Debrief ½ hour

Day 2
Theory 2 hours
• Review of the freedives of Day 1
• Fine-tuning the breathing technique
• Safety regulations
• Safety procedures in the water
• Pranayamas – yogic breathing with application to freediving

Water Session 2 hours
• Warm-up dives
• Practice of new breathing technique
• Buddy team work
• Safety procedures and rescue practice
• Freedives on the dive-line to a maximum depth of 20 m.
• Debrief ½ hour

If you fall in love with freediving, right after the Freediver Course you can continue with:

Advanced Freediver Course, to dive deeper and longer

Coaching sessions, to fine-tune your technique

Training sessions, to keep in good shape

Lingua parlata dall'istruttore:
Cinese (Cantonese)
Cinese (Mandarino)
Indonesiano (Indonesiano Malay)
Durata del corso in giorni: 2.0
Numero totale di ore del corso: 10.0
Livello del corso di apnea offerto: Livello principiante
Corso di apnea specifico offerto: Apnea Total Freediver (principiante)
Corso Privato: Si
100% Online: No
Gruppi di età appropriata per gli studenti:
6 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 77+
Possibilità di sottoscrivere un'assicurazione per le immersioni (cf. menu): Si
Costo aggiuntivo per l'assicurazione immersioni (se applicabile): 8
Il mio istruttore farà foto/video delle mie immersioni: Si
Livello dell'istruttore: Istruttore
Garanzia degli Standard di Sicurezza: Una copia della certificazione dell'istruttore, del certificato di pronto soccorso / RCP / O2 e dell'assicurazione di responsabilità civile viene caricata tra le immagini del corso
* solo per istruttori: cerco compagni di immersione: Si
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