AIDA 2 Freediver in Sharm el Sheikh

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The most popular freediving course around the world

AIDA Freediving level 2 stars is where the real thing starts. This time, in comparison of the AIDA level 1 star course (not mandatory for intending level 2 stars btw) you will have to be successful and achieve standard requirements. It can be tough for some people, but your instructor is here with you to take the needed time to correct and share the secrets. Everyone can do it, this is certain.

There are some theory classes featured, safety skills to learn in order to become also a good buddy, an exam to go through and the necessary amount of confined and open water sessions for you to become a real freediver.

The theory classes are mainly about general aspects of freediving, human physiology and some important laws of physics that every freediver must know. We'll get in the pool to practice static breatholds and dynamic freediving. This way only we will be ready to dive at depth safely and to enjoy the underwater beauty and calm.

To make sure you have time also to relax and integrate, this level is proposed in 2 or 3 days at your convenience. Make it fast or take it full and easy is up to you. No one will push you to achievements... success is yours!

AIDA level 2 stars is certainly one of the most improved and given freediving course in the world. By following this course, your knowledge about how our body breathe and lives underwater and at surface will be greatly increased. The vision you have on yourself will be changed. Everyone gets out of it happy and impressed, AIDA level 2 stars is a must try...

This course includes a digital theory support, freediving student insurance and AIDA international certification fees. But it does not include the rental of freedive equipment.

Requirements: 16m CWT, STA, DYN, safety, rescue and buddying skills, exam

AIDA courses are the way to go, don't wait any further and book your course now.

What does this course includes?

This course includes a digital theory support and AIDA international certification fees.

What is not included in this course?

It does not include the rental of freedive equipment, nor insurances fees.

DURATION OF THE COURSE: 2 or 3 days (custom schedule please contact Kosho)

PRICE: 205 usd

INSTRUCTOR / STUDENTS RATIO: 3 students maximum (for bigger groups, please contact Kosho)

LOCATION: Sharm el Sheikh


Insurances (DAN) - 10 usd per day

Rental of Equipment (if available) - 20 usd per day

Language spoken by the instructor:
Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Indonesian (Indonesian Malay)
Duration of the course in days: 3.0
Total number of hours of course: 20.0
Level of the freeding course offered: Beginner level
Specific freediving course offered: AIDA 2
Private course: No
100% Online: No
Appropriate age group(s) of the student(s):
6 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 77+
Possibility to be insured by a freediving accident coverage (cf. menu): Yes
Additional cost per student for freediving insurance (if applicable): 10
My instructor will take pictures and videos of my dives: Yes
Level of the instructor: Instructor
Years of experience teaching (20 = 20 or more): 3.0
Number of certified students (250 = 250 or more): 30
Particularly experienced at solving equalisation issues: Yes
The instructor has experience as a competition freediver: Yes
The instructor has experience as a coach in competition: Yes
Instructor's personal best in Static Apnea (STA) | 2.50 = 2'50'': 5.46
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight (CWT): 84
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB): 84
Instructor's personal best in Free Immersion (FIM): 84
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Without Fins : 61
Safety standards guarantee: Instructor ID / First Aid, CPR & O2 certificate / legal liability insurance uploaded as the last listing image(s)
Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website (if applicable):
*for instructors only: I am looking for instructor dive buddies: No
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