AIDA 3 Freediving Course in Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan

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If you are a certified AIDA 2 Freediver and would like to complete the second-level certification course, then the AIDA 3 is perfect for you!

Your three-day adventure into freediving in Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan includes:

-3 theory sessions that focus on the mammalian dive response, CO2 tolerance, the concept of freefalling, and common injuries at depth
-1 static session focused on practicing relaxation in water, the breath-hold, buddying, and rescue techniques
-1 dynamic session focused on proper weighting, performing a maximum performance and a CO2 table, buddying, and rescue techniques
-4 open water session that include improving body posture, technique, and relaxation, increasing depth safely, learning how to freefall, and practice buddying and deeper rescue techniques
-AIDA 3 exam
-Photos and videos of your freediving journey
-Certification fee included

Not included:

Course requirements:
-2:45 static breath-hold (STA)
-55m dynamic with bi-fins (DNYB)
-24-30m constant weight (CWT)
-Rescue from 15m depth with 50m tow
-Score of at least 75/100 on the AIDA 3 exam

*A pre-requisite of the course is being able to perform 100m of non-stop swimming without equipment or 200m of swimming with mask/snorkel and fins
*If you fail to pass the course requirements during your stay, you still have up to one year to train and complete them

About the instructor:

Kris is an AIDA and Molchanovs W2 freediving instructor in the water and a Staff Writer for on land, focusing on freediving-related how-to articles, guides, tips and technique, and equipment/freediving destination reviews. Currently, Kris has over 70 articles published on the subject of freediving. She occasionally gets in front of the camera as an underwater model and teaches people how to pose for their own underwater photos.

Kris is passionate about helping students to comfortably overcome their fears and issues, and loves watching them grow individually as freedivers. Her teaching style involves a calm and relaxing, yet comprehensive approach to learning theory and diving. She strives to make sure her students have fun during their course, while maintaining the highest emphasis on safety rather than numbers. Kris learned freediving in Dahab, Egypt as a PADI Divemaster, and has taught freediving in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Język używany przez instruktora:
Chiński (Kantoński)
Chiński (Mandaryński)
Indonezyjski (Indonezyjski Malajski)
Czas trwania kursu w dniach: 3.0
Całkowita liczba godzin kursu: 18.0
Poziom oferowanego kursu freedivingu: Średniozaawansowany
Specyfika oferowanego kursu freedivingu: AIDA 3
Kurs prywatny: Nie
100% Online: Nie
Appropriate age group(s) of the student(s):
6 - 11
12 - 15
16 - 77+
Possibility to be insured by a freediving accident coverage (cf. menu): Yes
Additional cost per student for freediving insurance (if applicable): 20
My instructor will take pictures and videos of my dives: Yes
Level of the instructor: Instructor
Years of experience teaching (20 = 20 or more): 2.5
Number of certified students (250 = 250 or more): 42
Particularly experienced at solving equalisation issues: No
The instructor has experience as a competition freediver: Yes
The instructor has experience as a coach in competition: No
Elite Freediver: the instructor is within 75% of the current world record at any discipline: No
Instructor's personal best in Static Apnea (STA) | 2.50 = 2'50'': 4.02
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic With Fins (DYN): 100.0
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic With Bifins (DYNB): 100
Instructor's personal best in Dynamic No Fins (DNF): 60
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight (CWT): 45
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB): 41
Instructor's personal best in Free Immersion (FIM): 50
Instructor's personal best in Constant Weight Without Fins : 35
Instructor's personal best in Variable Weight (VWT): 35
Safety standards guarantee: Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website
Direct link to the personal profile of the instructor on his/her federation website (if applicable):
*for instructors only: I am looking for instructor dive buddies: Yes
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