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Blue Water Freediving School

Adam Drzazga –
UK Men’s Pool Champion Freediver
Founder and main instructor of Blue Water Freediving School

I have been Freediving since 2006, I am a competitive freediver, a SSI,PADI & AIDA Master Instructor, Judge and former Chairman of the BFA. (British Freediving Association) .UK Governing body for Freediving Activities.

My Qualifications
PADI Master Instructor-375533
AIDA Master Instructor-3852
SSI Master Instructor 85054
EFR (First Aid )Instrctor- 375533
Nutrition Advisor
AIDA Judge
Safety Instructor
DAN professional Diving Insurance -424278
PADI Freediving Centre - S-25856

My Achievments
National Team Member -2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
UK National Pool Champion- 2016-1018
UK NO1 Ranking in Static Apnea 2013-2018
Chairman of BFA (British Freediving Association) 2013-2016

My Journey
Participating in International events has given me great experience in both the recreational and competitive aspects of the sport . I have been training and competing with some of the best freedivers from around the world, this has given me knowledge and experience that I am passing to all my students, with my experience as an Instructor and as a Nutrition Adviser I am able to help all of our students and athletes train to reach they goals.
Founder and Owner of Blue Water Freediving School

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